Individual License

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Individual License Details
License Number
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Salesperson
Original Date
Expiration Date
Current Employer Details
Hire Date
Employment Type
Designated Broker
COPUS, RONALD (BR004648000)
Employment History
License Number Company Employment Type Hire Date Sever Date
View CO578024014 REALTY ONE GROUP Salesperson 8/31/2022
View SE637513000 SOLD SMART Salesperson 3/8/2022 8/31/2022
View LC649480001 DELEX REALTY Salesperson 5/31/2019 3/8/2022
View LC506032003 HOMESMART Salesperson 2/7/2019 5/31/2019
View LC506032003 HOMESMART Salesperson 2/19/2014 2/1/2019
View LC562698001 MY HOME GROUP Salesperson 10/14/2013 2/19/2014
View CO628864002 ADVANTAGE REALTY PROFESSIONALS Salesperson 8/9/2013 10/14/2013
View LC636050000 CALIBER REALTY Salesperson 7/1/2013 8/9/2013
View LC634060000 CONWAY REAL ESTATE Salesperson 5/3/2013 7/1/2013
View LC506032003 HOMESMART Salesperson 6/21/2011 5/3/2013
View LC624746000 HOMELIFE GENESIS REALTY GROUP Salesperson 5/17/2011 6/20/2011
View LC506032003 HOMESMART Salesperson 12/23/2010 5/16/2011
View LC586544000 ARIZONA PLATINUM REALTY, L.L.C. Salesperson 11/5/2010 12/21/2010
View LC637028000 FAIRMONT REAL ESTATE, LLC Salesperson 8/31/2010 11/5/2010
View LC506032003 HOMESMART Salesperson 3/24/2008 8/31/2010
View CO535293000 REALTY USA SOUTHWEST, INC Salesperson 2/29/2008 3/19/2008
View LC530900000 DPR COMMERCIAL Salesperson 8/31/2007 2/29/2008
View CO563655000 J. ROBERTS & CO. Salesperson 5/14/2007 8/31/2007
View SE041572002 REALTY USA BY OWNER Manager, Salesperson 5/23/2006 5/11/2007
View SE041572000 REALTY USA BY OWNER Salesperson 1/19/2006 5/23/2006
View CO001154001 WEST USA REALTY Salesperson 9/13/2005 1/19/2006
View LC558645000 THE RUCKER GROUP Salesperson 8/2/2005 9/13/2005
View CO545291000 ASSIST-2-SELL-BUYERS & SELLERS FIRST TEAM REALTY Salesperson 10/26/2004 8/2/2005
View LC530913000 HELP-U-SELL-VALLEY WIDE BUYERS & SELLERS Salesperson 2/11/2004 10/22/2004
View SE102306000 HOME ONE REAL ESTATE SERVICES Salesperson 9/2/2003 2/10/2004
View SE011277000 DONNA T GILBRECH Salesperson 1/7/2003 8/28/2003
View CO535858001 SMART ADVANTAGE REALTY Salesperson 10/25/2002 1/7/2003
View CO529020000 WHY USA VALLEY REALTORS Salesperson 8/31/2001 10/25/2002
View CO511422000 WHY USA-VALLEY REALTORS On File 6/23/1998 8/31/2001
View CO001580000 HAGUE PARTNERS On File 7/15/1997 6/23/1998
View CO002853000 BY OWNER NETWORK On File 2/15/1996 7/15/1997
Continuing Education

The courses listed are for the last two renewal periods.

Course Name Date Started Date Completed
View DISCLOSURE & THE LAW 9/8/2020 9/8/2020
View To Be Or Not To Be Paid - That is the Question! 9/16/2020 9/16/2020
View Agency and Industry Related Issues 10/21/2020 10/21/2020
View THE SECTION 8 HOUSING PROGRAM 10/22/2020 10/22/2020
View CYBER CRIME AND YOUR CLIENT 11/17/2020 11/17/2020
View DUTIES TO CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS 12/2/2020 12/2/2020
View THE NAR CODE AND THE AZ LAW (TRIANNUAL) 12/9/2020 12/9/2020
View GIVE IT TO THEM STRAIGHT 12/14/2020 12/14/2020

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Disciplinary Actions
File Number Order Type Order Date
View 02A-051 Consent Order 10/21/2003