Entity License

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Entity License Details
License Number
Legal Name
Business (DBA) Name
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Limited Liability
Original Date
Expiration Date
Business Address
14245 W Grand Ave
Surprise AZ 85374
Mailing Address
14245 W Grand Ave
Surprise AZ 85374
Designated Broker Details
License Number
License Type
Real Estate Broker
Original Date
Expiration Date
Branch Manager Details

None, main offices do not have branch managers.

License Number Name Employment Type Hire Date Expiration Date
View BR022723000 MCDERMOTT, KIMBERLY Associate Broker PLC 7/12/2024 10/31/2025
View BR102340000 GOOD, REBECCA Associate Broker 3/22/2024 11/30/2025
View SA698915000 ELSTON, SHERYL Salesperson 3/22/2024 9/30/2025
View SA020221000 ROSS, CAROL Salesperson 3/21/2024 4/30/2025
View SA642011000 YOUNGS, LAURA Salesperson 3/20/2024 12/31/2025
View SA630570000 WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2025
View SA541473000 WHEELER-RILEY, CHARLENE Salesperson 3/20/2024 5/31/2025
View SA655641000 WAGGONER, SUSAN Salesperson 3/20/2024 12/31/2024
View SA702489000 VILLIERS, HEATHER Salesperson 3/20/2024 4/30/2026
View SA524173000 VAN PEURSEM, LINDA Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2024
View SA644381000 VAN PEURSEM, HEATHER Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2024
View SA578828000 TROVATO, PATRICIA Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2024
View SA650364000 SNYDER, DIANA Salesperson 3/20/2024 11/30/2025
View SA674558000 SIMPSON, JUDITH Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2025
View SA647550000 RICHARDSON, JULIA Salesperson PLC 3/20/2024 5/31/2025
View SA655494000 REEVES, KELLY Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2024
View SA629555000 RAFFERTY, JAMES Salesperson PLC 3/20/2024 11/30/2024
View SA550252000 PRIER-LEWIS, JUDY Salesperson 3/20/2024 5/31/2026
View SA559207000 PLANT, JOSEE-MARIE Salesperson PLC 3/20/2024 2/28/2025
View SA544852000 PICKLES, JOY Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2025
View SA707033000 PENNINGTON, KATHERINE Salesperson 3/20/2024 8/31/2025
View SA671647000 NATHE, AMY Salesperson 3/20/2024 8/31/2025
View SA554424000 MUSLIN, NANCY Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2024
View SA658689000 MARKUS, SUSAN Salesperson PLC 3/20/2024 6/30/2025
View SA539865000 MAGEE, TREEDAH Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2025
View SA567393000 LAWRENCE, TERRI Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2025
View SA670460000 KUMAR, DEANNA Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2025
View SA509516000 KRAKER, WILLARD Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2026
View BR528775000 KINGERY, CYNTHIA Associate Broker 3/20/2024 8/31/2025
View SA582161000 KAPLAN, YVETTE Salesperson 3/20/2024 2/28/2025
View SA655150000 JOHNSON, PATRICIA Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2024
View BR633356000 JOHNSON, DAVID Associate Broker 3/20/2024 9/30/2025
View SA534712000 JENSEN, JAMES Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2025
View SA692683000 HOHL, MICHAEL Salesperson 3/20/2024 9/30/2024
View SA663047000 HENDRIKSZ, DEAH Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2026
View SA663066000 HAUBRICH, JAMES Salesperson 3/20/2024 3/31/2026
View SA705629000 FISHER, ROBERT Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2024
View SA696606000 DAIKER, ROBERT Salesperson 3/20/2024 5/31/2025
View SA688029000 CONROY, MICHAEL Salesperson 3/20/2024 10/31/2025
View SA626870000 COLBURN, RITA Salesperson 3/20/2024 5/31/2026
View SA661179000 COFFMAN, MARCELLA Salesperson PLC 3/20/2024 11/30/2025
View SA581318000 CHASE, CLAUDIA Salesperson 3/20/2024 1/31/2025
View SA555855000 BRADSHAW, DARRELL Salesperson 3/20/2024 11/30/2024
View BR569614000 BOESEN, JOAN Associate Broker 3/20/2024 6/30/2025
View SA678545000 BLAS, ALICA Salesperson 3/20/2024 5/31/2026
View SA538259000 BARTON, RONALD 'RON' Salesperson 3/20/2024 12/31/2024
View SA115175000 BARTON, CATHERINE Salesperson 3/20/2024 6/30/2026
View BR672528000 WHITE, KAILA Designated Broker 3/18/2024 7/31/2024
License Number Status Address City Zip Branch Manager
View LC706214000 Active 14245 W Grand Ave Surprise 85374
View LC706214001 Active 13351 W. Camino del Sol Sun City West 85375 NICHOLS, GORDON

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