Entity License

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Entity License Details
License Number
Legal Name
Business (DBA) Name
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Limited Liability
Original Date
Expiration Date
Business Address
3707 E Southern Ave
Suite 1108
Mesa AZ 85206
Mailing Address
PO Box 655
Gilbert AZ 85299
Designated Broker Details
License Number
License Type
Real Estate Broker
Original Date
Expiration Date
Branch Manager Details

None, main offices do not have branch managers.

License Number Name Employment Type Hire Date Expiration Date
View SA691670000 WADDLE, WESLEY Salesperson 3/22/2023 8/31/2024
View SA692884000 DIPAOLA, JORGE Salesperson 2/7/2023 10/31/2024
View SA522230000 PARKS, TERESA Salesperson 2/2/2023 5/31/2024
View SA678066000 GUDIS, SHERI Salesperson 1/23/2023 4/30/2024
View SA687445000 LAMBETH, KRISTIN Salesperson 1/9/2023 10/31/2023
View BR647325000 MATHENY WONG, KARLA Associate Broker 1/5/2023 4/30/2023
View BR107734000 PRESTON, ANTHONY Designated Broker 12/20/2022 4/30/2024
View SA540550000 MCCUSKER, RICHARD Salesperson 12/12/2022 4/30/2023
View SA691298000 PARSONS, CASSANDRA Salesperson 11/28/2022 8/31/2024
View SA584703000 TAKAPU, JO Salesperson 10/27/2022 6/30/2023
View SA701544000 HASSE, KEVIN Salesperson 9/24/2022 3/31/2024
View SA034800000 WHIPPLE, ROBIN Salesperson 8/29/2022 12/31/2024
View SA695906000 EISENHAUER, MICHALINA Salesperson 8/19/2022 3/31/2025
View SA636217000 TAKAPU, MORNINGSTAR Salesperson 8/10/2022 5/31/2024
View SA653083000 MOHR, MARILEE Salesperson 8/1/2022 7/31/2024
View SA678060000 SMITH, JAMIE Salesperson 7/31/2022 7/31/2024
View SA669548000 CALHOUN, MELISSA Salesperson 7/19/2022 12/31/2024
View SA655245000 TAMRAS, STEPHEN Salesperson 6/2/2022 10/31/2024
View SA637133000 PENDERGAST, ELLEN Salesperson 5/3/2022 7/31/2024
View SA700974000 SALAZAR, NIKITA Salesperson 3/24/2022 3/31/2024
View SA647703000 CHRZANOWSKI, RICHARD Salesperson 2/28/2022 5/31/2023
View SA661985000 KASERA, AMITESH Salesperson 2/23/2022 1/31/2024
View SA694235000 BARNETT, JENNIFER Salesperson PLC 2/7/2022 12/31/2024
View SA688487000 HOLMES, JAMES Salesperson 1/31/2022 12/31/2023
View SA674304000 TRUONG, CUONG Salesperson 1/6/2022 9/30/2023
View BR531176000 YOUNG, SUSAN Associate Broker PLC 1/5/2022 6/30/2023
View SA660294000 LESLIE, DAVID Salesperson 1/1/2022 12/31/2023
View SA649930000 OGUH, CHIGOZIE Salesperson 11/11/2021 10/31/2023
View SA682375000 WILEY, JOYCE Salesperson 9/20/2021 3/31/2023
View BR673245000 HAYNIE, KYLE Associate Broker 9/16/2021 8/31/2023
View SA692213000 PERLA, RONALD Salesperson 3/29/2021 3/31/2025
View SA680281000 SCHNEIDER, DREW Salesperson 12/28/2020 8/31/2024
View SA656306000 RITTER, FREDERICK Salesperson PLC 12/24/2020 1/31/2025
View BR564788000 CARSTENS, SHARON Associate Broker 12/23/2020 6/30/2024
View SA683104000 ANTHONY, AUDREY Salesperson 12/17/2020 1/31/2025
View SA691938000 SAWAL, FARKHANDA Salesperson 12/14/2020 8/31/2024
View SA675346000 MASSEY, DAVID Salesperson 8/25/2020 11/30/2023
View SA101932000 DELL'ARMI, FRANK Salesperson 5/31/2020 8/31/2023
View SA568010000 SCHEMITSCH, ROBERT Salesperson 1/2/2020 10/31/2023
View SA586147000 STALLINGS, KAREN Salesperson 9/10/2019 8/31/2023
License Number Status Address City Zip Branch Manager
View LC687194000 Active 3707 E Southern Ave Mesa 85206

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