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Entity License Details
License Number
Legal Name
Business (DBA) Name
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Limited Liability
Original Date
Expiration Date
(480) 634-6934
Business Address
7150 East Camelback Road, Suite 425
Scottsdale AZ 85251
Mailing Address
7150 East Camelback Road, Suite 425
Scottsdale AZ 85251
Designated Broker Details
License Number
License Type
Real Estate Broker
Sean Stutzman PLLC
Original Date
Expiration Date
Branch Manager Details

None, main offices do not have branch managers.

License Number Name Employment Type Hire Date Expiration Date
View SA673305000 LEAVITT, BENJAMIN Salesperson 11/9/2023 10/31/2025
View SA650284000 KRANTZ, DANIEL Salesperson PLC 9/21/2023 11/30/2025
View SA626164000 PETERSON, ROSS Salesperson 9/15/2023 1/31/2025
View SA708002000 MARKS, CARTER Salesperson PLC 8/31/2023 5/31/2025
View SA708665000 BOOTH, DALE Salesperson 8/7/2023 6/30/2025
View SA703570000 MCINTIRE, ANDREW Salesperson 7/11/2023 4/30/2025
View SA692702000 MAGANA, KARLIE Salesperson 6/6/2023 10/31/2024
View SA695728000 XANDER, WILLIAM Salesperson 6/5/2023 5/31/2025
View BR673011000 RITCHIE, ANGELESSA Associate Broker PLC 6/5/2023 6/30/2025
View SA684184000 HEMEYER, GARRETT Salesperson PLC 4/12/2023 6/30/2025
View SA691810000 SILER, COLT Salesperson PLC 4/12/2023 8/31/2024
View SA694696000 YOGEL, ZACHARY Salesperson 3/13/2023 2/28/2025
View SA678324000 FILICE, VICTORIA Salesperson 2/24/2023 5/31/2024
View SA686042000 WILLIAMS, TYREL Salesperson PLC 1/25/2023 6/30/2025
View SA699319000 BAER, DMITRY Salesperson 1/5/2023 11/30/2025
View SA700992000 JOHANSON, LUKE Salesperson PLC 6/6/2022 2/29/2024
View SA531594000 RIDBERG, NICOLE Salesperson 4/29/2022 4/30/2024
View SA651804000 WILLIAMS, JARED Salesperson 4/4/2022 3/31/2024
View SA683720000 SCHILLNE, COLE Salesperson 3/18/2022 5/31/2025
View SA671361000 SCHILLNE, CAROL Salesperson 3/18/2022 4/30/2025
View SA689433000 EVERHART, JACKSON Salesperson 3/1/2022 2/29/2024
View SA668345000 DOUGLAS, MICHAEL Salesperson 1/21/2022 10/31/2024
View SA584203000 KREW, JASON Salesperson 3/12/2021 5/31/2025
View SA032121000 NOLLENBERGER, MARY Salesperson PC 1/11/2021 8/31/2025
View SA514728000 HAMMERSMITH, MARINA Salesperson PLC 6/8/2020 2/28/2025
View SA644111000 COFFEN, JONATHAN Salesperson 11/12/2019 7/31/2024
View BR027012000 FRITZ-SALAZAR, LINDA Associate Broker 11/11/2019 6/30/2025
View SA112747000 JOHNSTON, WARREN Salesperson 8/15/2019 1/31/2024
View BR007079000 BLISS, LUCINDA Associate Broker PC 1/23/2019 1/31/2025
View SA585682000 ACHTMAN, MICHAEL Salesperson PC 9/7/2018 6/30/2025
View SA633968000 KUSH, LARRY Salesperson PLC 8/3/2018 10/31/2025
View BR540802000 STUTZMAN, SEAN Designated Broker PLC 8/2/2018 8/31/2024
View SA566430000 MISHKIN, ZACKARIE Salesperson PLC 4/20/2018 8/31/2025
View BR115272000 SPIRO, ARI Associate Broker 6/3/2017 5/31/2025
View SA665274000 TAYLOR, JAMES Salesperson 8/5/2016 8/31/2024
View SA655935000 TIRONE, LACEY Salesperson 5/11/2016 3/31/2025
View SA554395000 EGGERT, JENNIFER Salesperson PC 4/5/2016 9/30/2024
View SA015839000 BUTTERWORTH, JUDI Salesperson 2/11/2016 7/31/2024
View BR646735000 HOTH, DENNIS Associate Broker 10/7/2013 4/30/2025
View BR537656000 HARRISON, ANDREW Associate Broker 12/13/2012 10/31/2024
View BR530564000 MINER, NICHOLAS Associate Broker 9/17/2012 9/30/2024
License Number Status Address City Zip Branch Manager
View LC631533000 Active 7150 East Camelback Road, Suite 425 Scottsdale 85251

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