Entity License

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Entity License Details
License Number
Legal Name
Business (DBA) Name
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Limited Liability
Original Date
Expiration Date
(928) 344-2550
Business Address
2755 SOUTH 4TH AVE #100
YUMA AZ 85364
Mailing Address
2755 SOUTH 4TH AVE #100
YUMA AZ 85364
Designated Broker Details
License Number
License Type
Real Estate Broker
Original Date
Expiration Date
Branch Manager Details

None, main offices do not have branch managers.

License Number Name Employment Type Hire Date Expiration Date
View BR632618000 PERRY, MARGARET Associate Broker 1/20/2023 11/30/2023
View SA681580000 CARAGATA, HAILEY Salesperson 12/2/2022 11/30/2024
View SA654037000 BELTRAN GERONIMO, JEANNE Salesperson 8/16/2022 7/31/2024
View SA643728000 GODINEZ, CAROL Salesperson 8/2/2022 7/31/2024
View BR675890000 GARCIA, ANGELINE Associate Broker 7/29/2022 7/31/2024
View SA575145000 FONTANES, RUBEN Salesperson 6/2/2022 5/31/2024
View SA701410000 HILFIKER, JOEL Salesperson 5/4/2022 5/31/2024
View SA634782000 STEWART, LYNETTE Salesperson 2/3/2022 1/31/2024
View SA697672000 DEANDA, BRIANA Salesperson 9/9/2021 7/31/2023
View SA697028000 DE LA VARA, JOEL Salesperson 6/11/2021 6/30/2023
View SA686110000 DE LA VARA, GUILLERMO Salesperson 4/2/2021 7/31/2023
View SA694913000 TORRES, CARLOS Salesperson 2/12/2021 2/28/2025
View SA552420000 STEEN, KATHLEEN Salesperson 9/1/2020 8/31/2024
View SA688951000 GARCIA, MARIO Salesperson 1/17/2020 1/31/2024
View SA629972000 BLACK, MONICA Salesperson 6/18/2019 3/31/2023
View SA682341000 GAONA, ARTURO Salesperson 4/23/2019 3/31/2025
View BR515743000 WATSON, MARY Associate Broker 3/4/2019 2/28/2025
View SA683900000 GUTIERREZ, OMAR Salesperson 2/14/2019 2/28/2025
View SA682178000 ROMERO, RAQUEL Salesperson 12/20/2018 11/30/2024
View SA678249000 MUNOZ, FRANCISCO Salesperson 5/1/2018 5/31/2024
View BR504797000 HALL, MICHAEL Associate Broker 4/13/2018 5/31/2023
View BR556525000 SMITH, QUINCY Designated Broker 4/12/2018 3/31/2023
View SA543149000 WRIGHT, KORRI Salesperson 1/26/2018 7/31/2023
View SA673484000 IBARRA, JESUS Salesperson 8/10/2017 8/31/2023
View SA673188000 SCHULTE, STARR Salesperson 7/20/2017 7/31/2023
View SA671016000 GUTIERREZ, ANDREINA Salesperson 3/27/2017 3/31/2025
View SA646246000 AGUILAR, IRLA Salesperson 3/1/2017 1/31/2025
View BR640992000 DUNN, KATIE Associate Broker 3/24/2015 3/31/2025
View SA650978000 RIVAS, ELIZABETH Salesperson 1/2/2014 12/31/2023
View SA648660000 TURNER, ROBERT 'ROB' Salesperson 7/24/2013 7/31/2023
View SA644844000 SANTOYO, ANAYSSA Salesperson 10/19/2012 10/31/2024
View BR535368000 REEDER, CHRISTINE Associate Broker 3/31/2009 1/31/2025
View SA626564000 HIEBER, CRAIG Salesperson 4/1/2008 4/30/2024
View SA559409000 ETHINGTON, JONNA Salesperson 11/19/2007 2/28/2025
View SA575075000 KEHL, KATHLEEN 'KATHY' Salesperson 5/1/2006 5/31/2024
View SA521585000 CUNNINGHAM, PAUL Salesperson PC 1/18/2005 3/31/2024
View SA027400000 BELL, MARY Salesperson 3/22/2002 1/31/2024
View SA016603000 HOSSLER, GRETCHEN Salesperson 3/22/2002 3/31/2023
License Number Status Address City Zip Branch Manager
View LC532604000 Active 2755 SOUTH 4TH AVE #100 YUMA 85364
View LC532604001 Active 11375 S Fortuna Road YUMA 85367 DE LA PENA, CYNTHIA

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