Entity License

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Entity License Details
License Number
Legal Name
Business (DBA) Name
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Corporation
Original Date
Expiration Date
(480) 758-3000
Business Address
58 South River Drive
Suite 250
Tempe AZ 85288
Mailing Address
58 South River Drive
Suite 250
Tempe AZ 85288
Designated Broker Details
License Number
License Type
Real Estate Broker
Original Date
Expiration Date
Branch Manager Details

None, main offices do not have branch managers.

License Number Name Employment Type Hire Date Expiration Date
View SA631185000 LINDSAY, WILLIAM Salesperson 5/2/2023 4/30/2025
View SA659081000 MARION, LINDA Salesperson 3/17/2023 7/31/2025
View SA665040000 HONEYSUCKER, LAQUINTA Salesperson 3/10/2023 6/30/2023
View SA579769000 BIJA, VICTORIA Salesperson 3/3/2023 10/31/2024
View SA664432000 ARLISKAS, MATTHEW Salesperson 1/18/2023 6/30/2024
View SA680869000 FARRER, ERIC Salesperson 10/4/2022 9/30/2024
View SA685230000 MYS, CARLY Salesperson 10/3/2022 5/31/2025
View SA699566000 MARTINOOK, MICHAEL Salesperson 9/27/2022 11/30/2023
View SA694824000 GENTILE, DOMINIC Salesperson 5/3/2022 4/30/2025
View BR522712000 GIANNOPOULOS, WILLIAM Associate Broker 3/21/2022 6/30/2024
View SA699451000 YOUEL, JAMES Salesperson 1/4/2022 12/31/2023
View SA643779000 KELLY, KIRIN Salesperson 1/3/2022 5/31/2024
View SA556511000 ARSENIC, LORI Salesperson 11/1/2021 11/30/2024
View SA687779000 KING, DANIELA Salesperson 6/10/2021 10/31/2023
View SA669658000 NETTLES, REED Salesperson 6/8/2021 9/30/2023
View SA551904000 KOMMES, MICHELLE Salesperson 6/7/2021 7/31/2024
View SA695591000 HAMMOND, HEATHER Salesperson 3/30/2021 3/31/2025
View SA694037000 PELLETIER, ERICAH Salesperson 2/9/2021 2/28/2025
View SA689554000 MITSCHKE, BRIAN Salesperson 8/5/2020 2/29/2024
View SA650159000 MEEKS, VICTORIA Salesperson 6/23/2020 3/31/2024
View SA660382000 BRAGG, RANDALL Salesperson 10/1/2019 9/30/2023
View SA556479000 SHUMWAY, TRICIA Salesperson 4/4/2019 11/30/2024
View SA684483000 BALL, JULIE Salesperson 4/4/2019 3/31/2025
View SA566187000 BRADDOCK, KURT Salesperson 4/4/2019 8/31/2023
View SA649625000 ORTEGA-NEFF, MELISA Salesperson 11/16/2018 10/31/2023
View SA556969000 STARBUCK, SUSAN Salesperson 8/4/2018 12/31/2024
View BR639920000 SMITH, KRISTINE Designated Broker 7/9/2018 7/31/2024
View SA041886000 CARRILLO, RODOLFO Salesperson 1/11/2018 3/31/2024
View SA550463000 WELKER, BRADLEY Salesperson 1/25/2017 5/31/2024
View SA662291000 WELKER, HOLLY Salesperson 4/29/2016 2/29/2024
View SA583244000 LANKEIT, EDWARD Salesperson 3/18/2015 4/30/2025
View SA032835000 OTTO, RESSELL Salesperson 10/24/2013 3/31/2024
View SA575665000 GANTZ, JACQUIE Salesperson 5/2/2013 5/31/2024
View SA627045000 SPEAKE, JANNELLE Salesperson 3/29/2013 7/31/2024
View SA625964000 ROLLON, DAWN Salesperson 1/29/2010 2/29/2024
License Number Status Address City Zip Branch Manager
View CO101833000 Active 58 South River Drive Tempe 85288

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Disciplinary Actions
File Number Order Type Order Date
View 01A-123 Consent Order 11/15/2001
View 03A-098 Consent Order 6/23/2004
View 04F-094 Consent Order 7/13/2004