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Download Lists

The lists are generated on a set schedule and contain information accurate at the time they were last updated.

 List IDList TypeLast UpdatedRecords
Download1Individual Licenses9/25/2020 1:01:57 AM198622
Download2Entity Licenses9/25/2020 1:01:59 AM7772
Download4Public Reports9/25/2020 1:02:01 AM42503
Download5Schools9/25/2020 1:02:01 AM232

The lists are provided as comma-delimited text files with the first line containing the column names. This format makes it easy to import the files into a database management program such as Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro or even Microsoft Excel. They have also been compressed into Zip files to reduce download times so they will first need to be decompressed using a free utility that can manage the Zip format .

Please note: The Department does not provide any help importing these files and creating reports and statistics and are provided as is.