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The following information was retrieved from the Department's database at 11/30/2021 11:59:20 PM. The information presented reflects the database records at the time of your inquiry; however, it will not reflect pending updates which are being processed by the Department.
Business Name: THE AGENCY
License Number: LC669961000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Limited Liability
Original License Date: 1/17/2017
Expiration Date: 12/31/2022
Business Address: 7001 N Scottsdale RD
Suite 1040
Mailing Address: 7001 N Scottsdale RD
Suite 1040
Phone: 4807395110
Designated Broker: PEREZ, CHRISTOPHER
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA691635000 ALEXANDER, MANJANIQUESalesperson9-29-20208-31-2022
SA504388000 BARBEY, RAQUELSalesperson1-17-201710-31-2023
SA653234000 BENDER, WESLEYSalesperson10-11-20216-30-2022
SA655972000 BROWN, HANIFAHSalesperson3-25-202012-31-2022
SA673115000 BURGHGRAEF, BRITTANYSalesperson6-7-20197-31-2023
SA691976000 CASPERS, ANGELASalesperson9-3-20209-30-2022
SA551199000 CAVANAUGH, MARILYNSalesperson PLC11-22-20196-30-2022
SA630963000 CAVANAUGH, JAMESSalesperson PLC11-9-20183-31-2023
SA671686000 CHIOVARI, MICHAELSalesperson6-19-20215-31-2023
SA679081000 DANIELS, TORREYSalesperson8-4-20216-30-2022
SA696176000 DESEAR, SHIRLEYSalesperson6-1-20215-31-2023
SA675687000 DORSEY, SIENASalesperson4-5-202011-30-2021
SA656137000 DRAGOS, CHADSalesperson PC2-19-20191-31-2023
SA671928000 ELLERMANN, SHANNONSalesperson2-7-20205-31-2023
SA671065000 ESCOBIDO, EDUARDOSalesperson8-14-20204-30-2023
SA538973000 GILLESPIE, PATRICIASalesperson3-13-20211-31-2023
SA653743000 GONZALEZ, LUISSalesperson PLC6-19-20187-31-2022
BR511818000 GRITZMACHER, JEFFAssociate Broker9-4-20182-28-2022
SA654510000 HAMMOND, NICOLESalesperson1-4-20219-30-2022
SA652462000 HARVEY, JAMESSalesperson1-22-20214-30-2022
SA563670000 HEYMAN, ADRIANSalesperson7-10-201712-31-2023
SA694418000 ISIDORO, AURELIASalesperson4-30-20211-31-2023
SA679042000 IZZETT, JADESalesperson3-29-20217-31-2022
SA540560000 JOHNSON, MARCUSSalesperson8-16-201811-30-2021
SA567351000 JOHNSON, ROXANNESalesperson1-17-20179-30-2023
SA655931000 KNOWLES, BRITTANYSalesperson8-26-20191-31-2023
BR643463000 KOBRINSKY, NICOLEAssociate Broker PLC8-26-20213-31-2023
SA557612000 LASSITER, ERICKASalesperson10-19-20181-31-2023
SA643500000 LOWE, KIMBERLYSalesperson PLC9-12-20196-30-2022
SA660360000 MALCOLM, AMANDASalesperson1-5-20219-30-2023
SA690644000 NETTO, BRITTANYSalesperson PLC11-24-20206-30-2022
SA529289000 NORLING, KIRSTENSalesperson12-30-20209-30-2023
SA652254000 OAS, KRISTINSalesperson PLC12-14-20204-30-2022
SA671606000 OLSEN, LYNSIESalesperson5-10-20194-30-2023
BR116273000 PEREZ, CHRISTOPHERDesignated Broker11-23-202012-31-2022
SA582127000 PETRONIO, KRISTENSalesperson9-15-20212-28-2023
SA538359000 PULLON, DAVIDSalesperson5-6-20197-31-2023
SA678683000 RIORDAN, CHARLESSalesperson3-17-20198-31-2022
SA637515000 SAROCKA, MICHELLESalesperson9-3-20217-31-2023
BR646827000 SELMAN, JOHNAssociate Broker8-28-20207-31-2022
SA695090000 SILVA, CYNTHIASalesperson4-28-20214-30-2023
SA661194000 SINANI, DEBORAHSalesperson PLC10-5-20214-30-2022
SA689100000 STEINIGER, ANDREASalesperson6-15-20211-31-2022
SA691512000 SWIRTZ, RACHELLESalesperson8-20-20208-31-2022
SA686498000 VITERBO, MEGANSalesperson7-17-20197-31-2023
SA520073000 WALKER, WENDYSalesperson PC1-7-202111-30-2023
SA684812000 WING, LINDSAYSalesperson PLC11-6-20195-31-2023


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
LC669961000 Active7001 N Scottsdale RDSCOTTSDALE85253 


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