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Legal Name: D & D FOLLIES, LLC
Business Name: FLEX REALTY
License Number: LC655081000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Limited Liability
Original License Date: 9/23/2014
Expiration Date: 5/31/2022
Business Address: 401 Whipple
Mailing Address: 401 Whipple
Phone: (928) 533 9031
Designated Broker: MONKSFIELD, BRIAN
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA030698000 ALLEN, DEBORASalesperson7-3-20181-31-2023
SA668739000 BARTLETT, YVONNESalesperson6-4-202111-30-2022
SA676587000 BELL, GARYSalesperson4-30-20191-31-2024
SA626885000 BETZ, GAILSalesperson1-5-20163-31-2023
SA673070000 CHRISTOPHER, SUSANSalesperson6-18-20187-31-2023
SA693029000 CLARK, JOSEPHSalesperson10-26-202010-31-2022
SA690498000 CLEVELAND, RONALDSalesperson6-9-20206-30-2022
SA674640000 CLEVELAND, HEAVENLYSalesperson6-28-201910-31-2023
SA654978000 COOK, MAURINESalesperson3-7-20179-30-2022
SA541577000 DOW, THOMASSalesperson1-19-20175-31-2023
SA645640000 FISKE, ASHLEYSalesperson1-30-20208-31-2023
SA671011000 FITZSIMMONS, JERAMIAHSalesperson PLC3-13-20193-31-2023
SA668108000 HEDGE, LESLIESalesperson10-3-201610-31-2022
SA666399000 JONES, WILLARDSalesperson9-24-20169-30-2022
SA655117000 LAMB, WILLIAMSalesperson9-25-201512-31-2022
BR004414000 LOGOSSO, EVELYNAssociate Broker11-30-20202-28-2022
SA654027000 MACKENNEY, DAVIDSalesperson2-1-20178-31-2022
SA663012000 MAITLAND, STEPHANIESalesperson4-8-20213-31-2022
SA658872000 MCINTOSH, JESSICASalesperson3-3-20216-30-2023
SA641903000 MESSENGER, MARTINSalesperson8-24-20172-28-2022
SA649331000 MONKSFIELD, TERESASalesperson9-25-20158-31-2023
BR636548000 MONKSFIELD, BRIANDesignated Broker PLC1-29-20195-31-2022
SA568287000 PATTERSON, KARENSalesperson6-11-20206-30-2022
SA548387000 PUNTENNEY, JUDYSalesperson11-4-20212-28-2022
SA652149000 RODRIGUEZ, JESSICASalesperson12-16-20185-31-2022
SA530553000 SCHUTTE, PATRICKSalesperson11-30-201511-30-2021
SA077059000 SCOTT, LORISalesperson4-2-20203-31-2022
BR519951000 SPEIGHTS, DANNYAssociate Broker12-29-20161-31-2022
BR005834000 STONE, CHARLESAssociate Broker11-30-20173-31-2023
SA034864000 TOMITZ, SCOTSalesperson1-20-201711-30-2022
SA035414000 TSCHIRHART, RUBYSalesperson9-25-20154-30-2023
SA043198000 TUTAYA-HARRIS, MARTHASalesperson6-29-201610-31-2023
SA629200000 VANDEHEY, DAVIDSalesperson1-12-202110-31-2022
SA663738000 VAUGHAN, CELENESalesperson9-13-20185-31-2022
SA626839000 WIEGERT, GAILSalesperson7-3-20186-30-2022



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