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The following information was retrieved from the Department's database at 10/24/2020 4:55:15 PM. The information presented reflects the database records at the time of your inquiry; however, it will not reflect pending updates which are being processed by the Department.
License Number: LC640268000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Limited Liability
Original License Date: 5/18/2011
Expiration Date: 4/30/2022
Business Address: 14635 N. KIERLAND BLVD STE 112
Mailing Address: 14635 N Kierland BLVD STE 112
Phone: (480) 505-6274
Designated Broker: ROBBINS, DAVID
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA647944000 ADLER, SANDRASalesperson1-2-20205-31-2021
SA645984000 ALABURDA-HAYES, NATALIESalesperson1-25-201812-31-2020
SA581948000 BABEKOV, MARKSalesperson4-2-20192-28-2021
SA658931000 BAIRD, FLORENCESalesperson10-19-201510-31-2021
SA657787000 BOWEY, DEREKSalesperson6-22-20184-30-2021
SA656271000 BOWEY, JOSEPH 'JOE'Salesperson10-5-20201-31-2021
SA116275000 BRADSHAW, MIRAVSalesperson12-19-20168-31-2022
SA639082000 BREWER-SCHELL, JENNIFERSalesperson6-26-20181-31-2021
SA655204000 CLEMENTS, JOHNSalesperson8-10-202010-31-2020
SA547765000 DARBY, LINDASalesperson9-25-20132-28-2022
SA687342000 DEMARTINI, MARIAHSalesperson10-11-201910-31-2021
SA111782000 DICKEN, NANCYSalesperson12-17-201810-31-2021
SA651824000 DITOMASSO, PENNIESalesperson2-13-20193-31-2022
SA564787000 EATWELL, MARGYSalesperson1-14-20197-31-2021
SA659362000 ENDRES, STACEYSalesperson6-20-20187-31-2021
SA646849000 FEGA, MARGARETSalesperson3-10-20193-31-2021
SA669947000 FOX, ANNALISASalesperson2-27-20191-31-2021
BR630352000 FRETLAND, CHRISTINEAssociate Broker12-30-20192-28-2021
SA683595000 GEORGE, ALLANSalesperson10-15-20201-31-2021
SA672323000 GIBBONS, DAVIDSalesperson5-16-20185-31-2021
SA677823000 GOODING, MARKSalesperson11-13-20185-31-2022
SA675467000 HARRIS, JULIESalesperson2-7-201911-30-2021
SA653889000 HUTCHINS, JAMESSalesperson4-16-20187-31-2022
BR108218000 JEVERET, ALANAssociate Broker3-19-202011-30-2020
SA576160000 JORDAN, LYNETTESalesperson5-15-20126-30-2022
SA074476000 LASCALA, THOMASSalesperson1-21-201611-30-2022
SA674661000 LONG, JANASalesperson3-23-202010-31-2021
SA654012000 MACK, LYNNSalesperson5-6-20198-31-2022
SA663741000 MASSEY, NICOLESalesperson5-1-20184-30-2022
SA659641000 MAXIE, LYNSalesperson7-1-20198-31-2021
SA644613000 MCDONOUGH, JULIETTESalesperson1-5-20178-31-2022
SA663142000 MCGUINNESS, BRIANSalesperson12-5-20173-31-2022
SA020627000 MCNALLY, PRISCILLASalesperson2-19-20146-30-2022
SA524711000 MERCURIO, SYLVIASalesperson5-3-201211-30-2022
SA650369000 MOHR, BOBBISalesperson2-10-201611-30-2021
SA545573000 MORIN, CARLASalesperson10-10-201310-31-2021
SA031153000 MUNGER, ELIZABETHSalesperson7-25-20197-31-2021
SA528996000 NOVOTNY JR, JSalesperson12-30-20198-31-2021
SA582666000 OSBURN, RHONDASalesperson10-12-20203-31-2021
SA510659000 PACKARD, JOHNSalesperson1-3-20145-31-2022
SA631550000 QUAIDOO, ELIZABETHSalesperson10-2-20197-31-2021
SA662513000 RICE, JAMESSalesperson8-17-20172-28-2022
BR007544000 ROBBINS, DAVIDDesignated Broker6-3-20144-30-2022
SA654272000 SABO, APRILSalesperson5-24-20168-31-2022
SA553508000 SCOTT, AMANDASalesperson8-25-20209-30-2022
SA539691000 SIMONS, LORAINESalesperson1-14-20203-31-2021
SA539378000 SLAGTER, MICHAELSalesperson1-15-20142-28-2021
SA636617000 SMOLENSKI, GREGGSalesperson PLC1-3-20195-31-2022
SA691257000 SPENCER, JAYLENESalesperson8-31-20207-31-2022
SA633215000 STATT, MELANIESalesperson2-5-20149-30-2021
SA669176000 SULLIVAN, NANCYSalesperson1-10-201811-30-2022
SA115143000 THORFINNSON, BRIANSalesperson6-23-20156-30-2022
SA582985000 UDDIN, MOHAMMADSalesperson1-7-20143-31-2021
SA663434000 VANCE, JENNIFERSalesperson7-24-20174-30-2022
SA540734000 VON SENDEN, MARCIASalesperson3-3-20204-30-2021
SA630812000 WAGLEY, NICOLESalesperson12-28-20183-31-2021
SA690709000 WAKELEY, DOUGLASSalesperson6-19-20206-30-2022
SA573176000 WARNER, BARBARASalesperson1-2-20203-31-2022
SA658514000 YOUNATHAN, JENNIFERSalesperson1-23-20186-30-2021


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
LC640268000 Active14635 N. KIERLAND BLVD STE 112SCOTTSDALE85254 


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