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Business Name:
License Number: CO576154000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Corporation
Original License Date: 6/6/2006
Expiration Date: 6/30/2023
Business Address: 1665 W. Alameda Dr.
Suite 130
Tempe, AZ 85282
Mailing Address: 1665 W. Alameda Dr.
Suite #130
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: 4804768470
Designated Broker: SPENCER, KATHLEEN
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA553069000 ALLEN, MELANIESalesperson12-3-20188-31-2022
SA106902000 ANDERSON, CANDACESalesperson12-3-201810-31-2022
SA577945000 BENOIT, DINASalesperson12-3-20188-31-2022
SA110550000 BURKE, SHANNONSalesperson8-11-20207-31-2023
BR103071000 CARR, GABRIELLEAssociate Broker12-3-20187-31-2023
SA585356000 DETTMAN, JESSICASalesperson12-3-20187-31-2023
BR031650000 DOWELL, MICHAELAssociate Broker12-3-20185-31-2022
SA694557000 DUFOUR, SARASalesperson3-9-20211-31-2023
SA659776000 ECKER, MAXSalesperson12-3-20189-30-2023
SA655739000 EDWARDS, CHRISTIANSalesperson12-3-201811-30-2022
BR108896000 EWER, CASSANDRAAssociate Broker12-3-20187-31-2023
SA572073000 FARACI, DAWNSalesperson12-3-20182-29-2024
SA660344000 GUZZO, SARASalesperson12-3-20181-31-2024
BR528037000 HALL, JOANNEAssociate Broker12-3-201810-31-2023
SA536389000 HARRIS, ROBERTSalesperson2-5-20204-30-2022
SA571041000 HEGARDT, STACEYSalesperson8-17-20201-31-2024
SA681934000 HESS, CHERYLSalesperson1-16-201910-31-2022
SA681079000 HESTED, TANYASalesperson2-26-20219-30-2022
SA677127000 JANES, RICHARDSalesperson12-3-20183-31-2022
BR572189000 JONES, JAMESAssociate Broker12-3-201810-31-2022
SA684162000 KRIEGER, LISASalesperson1-29-20204-30-2023
SA658533000 LAFLER, SARAHSalesperson12-3-20186-30-2023
SA111261000 LILLY, MICHELLESalesperson7-27-20209-30-2023
SA513885000 MAKINSTER, SUSIESalesperson12-3-20181-31-2023
SA676438000 MARION, RACHELSalesperson12-3-20181-31-2024
SA555187000 MCCONKEY, KRISTISalesperson12-3-201810-31-2022
SA554509000 MITCHELL, THERESASalesperson4-3-201910-31-2022
SA633897000 MOORE, STEVENSalesperson12-3-201810-31-2023
SA537537000 NOONAN, KEVINSalesperson12-3-201811-30-2022
SA651455000 NOVY, JACOBSalesperson12-3-20183-31-2022
BR037985000 PEARCE, LYNNEAssociate Broker12-3-20181-31-2024
SA668903000 PEERY, JOSEPHSalesperson12-3-201811-30-2022
SA566197000 PETERS, MEGANSalesperson12-3-20188-31-2023
SA555414000 RENSHAW, CATHERINESalesperson12-3-201810-31-2022
SA566103000 RIGGALL, DANASalesperson12-3-20188-31-2023
SA561454000 ROBERTS, NANCYSalesperson12-3-20184-30-2023
SA633328000 RYAN, TYLERSalesperson12-3-20189-30-2023
SA105332000 SCHNITZER, ANGELASalesperson12-3-20186-30-2022
SA672321000 SMITH, KAYLYNSalesperson12-3-20185-31-2023
BR034263000 SPENCER, KATHLEENDesignated Broker12-3-20186-30-2023
SA508559000 STARR, RICHARDSalesperson12-3-201810-31-2022
BR531797000 SZMYT, ALANAssociate Broker12-3-201810-31-2023
SA500497000 SZOPINSKI, DOUGLASSalesperson12-3-20181-31-2024
SA582787000 TACKETT, SEANSalesperson3-9-20213-31-2023
SA669610000 THOM, EMILYSalesperson12-3-201812-31-2022
SA575487000 THOMAS, JULIASalesperson12-3-20185-31-2022
SA650879000 THOMAS, DAVIDSalesperson12-3-20181-31-2024
BR047134000 THOMPSON, SHIRLEYAssociate Broker12-3-20181-31-2023
SA624960000 WEBB, DEBORAHSalesperson2-12-202012-31-2023
SA665967000 WILLIAMS-ZIMMERMAN, ALECIASalesperson12-3-20188-31-2022
SA533447000 YUHNKE, MONICASalesperson12-3-20185-31-2022
SA674556000 ZAMBIE, HALEYSalesperson12-3-201810-31-2023
BR110601000 ZINK, ANICITAAssociate Broker12-3-20185-31-2023


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
CO576154000 Active1665 W. Alameda Dr.Tempe85282 
CO576154001 Active3275 W Ina RdTucson85741JONES, JILL


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