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The following information was retrieved from the Department's database at 10/24/2020 4:52:54 PM. The information presented reflects the database records at the time of your inquiry; however, it will not reflect pending updates which are being processed by the Department.
Business Name: PGI REALTY
License Number: CO000336000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Corporation
Original License Date: 4/14/1978
Expiration Date: 6/30/2022
Business Address: 16767 N. PERIMETER DR
Mailing Address: 16767 N. PERIMETER DR
Phone: (480) 391-6000
Designated Broker: BITTEKER III, ROBERT
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
BR549549000 ACEDO, CHARMAINEAssociate Broker10-31-201910-31-2021
SA653261000 ASHBY, JANETSalesperson6-9-20146-30-2022
SA661877000 ASHTON, JOHNSalesperson6-6-201612-31-2021
SA047122000 BACSALMASI, JOHNSalesperson12-16-20154-30-2021
SA101556000 BELCHAR, BAMBISalesperson1-19-20189-30-2022
SA647467000 BICKLE, SAMANTHASalesperson10-12-20156-30-2021
BR552413000 BITTEKER III, ROBERTDesignated Broker1-25-20166-30-2022
SA541089000 BOMMARITO, KATHERINESalesperson5-2-20035-31-2021
SA516426000 BOSKOFF, LAVONNESalesperson10-22-20145-31-2021
SA653623000 BRENNAN, MARYSalesperson6-26-20186-30-2022
SA545385000 BRNILOVICH, NICHOLASSalesperson6-22-200410-31-2021
BR509942000 BROWN, NORMANAssociate Broker3-23-20171-31-2022
BR007140000 CARDWELL, MICHAELAssociate Broker6-19-20184-30-2021
SA669762000 CARLSON, RANDALLSalesperson5-2-20171-31-2021
BR521855000 CHILDRESS, MELINDAAssociate Broker7-2-20186-30-2022
SA021349000 CLEARY, JOSEPHSalesperson4-11-20132-28-2021
SA512063000 COE, KIMBRASalesperson1-3-201010-31-2022
SA516998000 COLLINS, JEFFSalesperson3-5-20126-30-2021
SA035670000 CUEVA, ENRIQUESalesperson3-4-20146-30-2021
BR500378000 DAMM, MORTENAssociate Broker10-6-20158-31-2021
SA660561000 DOWLING, JAMESSalesperson11-10-201511-30-2021
SA559262000 ERAZO, ROCIOSalesperson3-19-20182-28-2021
SA669241000 FISHER, BRADSalesperson7-24-201712-31-2022
BR515080000 FISHER, LESLIEAssociate Broker12-9-20131-31-2021
SA531191000 GRANTHAM, JENNIFERSalesperson4-5-20111-31-2022
BR526897000 GRATOPP, VICTORIAAssociate Broker3-7-20184-30-2022
SA573006000 HANNOSH, CARLINSalesperson3-23-20153-31-2022
SA111493000 HENRY, HEATHERSalesperson4-11-20059-30-2021
BR580394000 HERRERA, REUBENAssociate Broker1-15-20191-31-2021
SA582404000 HOHENSEE, JERRYSalesperson4-11-20194-30-2021
SA677237000 HUGHES, COURTNEYSalesperson3-26-20183-31-2022
SA685468000 JOHNSON, ASHLEYSalesperson8-6-20196-30-2021
BR539656000 KINGSBURY, ALBERTAssociate Broker4-3-20122-28-2022
SA665113000 KLUG, BRYANSalesperson6-7-20177-31-2022
BR523096000 LEONARD, HOLLYAssociate Broker1-29-20143-31-2022
BR109381000 MANION, WILLIAMAssociate Broker6-22-20159-30-2021
SA661235000 MANKOWSKI, MARKSalesperson11-25-201511-30-2021
SA653725000 MARTURELLO, VICTORIASalesperson2-20-20187-31-2022
SA525181000 MCDERMOTT, SHANNONSalesperson4-3-20021-31-2021
BR044298000 MCNICHOL, DAVIDAssociate Broker12-12-20177-31-2021
SA672394000 MICHEL, MARY BETHSalesperson9-18-20176-30-2021
BR542485000 MIZE, TAYLORAssociate Broker7-31-20181-31-2022
SA672016000 NASH, PETERSalesperson4-15-20195-31-2021
SA583305000 NEAL, ERIKSalesperson1-3-20104-30-2021
BR006962000 OWENS, LYNNAssociate Broker3-18-200510-31-2021
SA649468000 PLONSKI, KENNETHSalesperson10-3-20139-30-2021
SA539685000 PROVENCHER, BARBARA 'BOBBIE'Salesperson9-15-20063-31-2021
BR513859000 RANSOM, ELAINEAssociate Broker4-11-200511-30-2020
SA548902000 RAVASHIERE, SOPHIASalesperson3-29-20043-31-2022
SA024605000 RUBY, SHARONSalesperson9-19-20177-31-2021
SA546937000 SCHNEBERGER, JOSHUASalesperson4-11-20051-31-2022
SA679640000 SCHUMER, WILLIAMSalesperson11-27-201811-30-2020
BR571586000 SHELFO, BRIDJETTEAssociate Broker11-24-201411-30-2022
SA579507000 SILVA, MICHELLESalesperson11-21-200610-31-2020
BR572133000 TROTTER, BLYAssociate Broker7-22-20139-30-2021
SA560213000 TURNER, KATHERINE 'KATE'Salesperson11-3-20113-31-2021
BR046280000 WEST, LINDAAssociate Broker10-6-20159-30-2022
SA685458000 ZIEMINSKI, ANDREASalesperson5-14-20195-31-2021


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
CO000336000 Active16767 N. PERIMETER DRSCOTTSDALE85260 


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