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The following information was retrieved from the Department's database at 7/12/2020 3:16:00 PM. The information presented reflects the database records at the time of your inquiry; however, it will not reflect pending updates which are being processed by the Department.
License Number: CO101870000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Corporation
Original License Date: 9/2/1993
Expiration Date: 6/30/2022
Business Address: 6360 E BROWN RD., STE 103
MESA, AZ 85205
Mailing Address: 6360 E BROWN RD., STE 103
MESA, AZ 85205
Phone: (480) 649-3536
Designated Broker: FOWLER, STEVEN
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA659256000 ADAMS, DAVIDSalesperson7-11-201910-31-2021
SA533875000 AKERS JR, GEORGESalesperson PLC12-28-20175-31-2022
SA659903000 ANDERSON, DEANNASalesperson6-12-20189-30-2021
BR573483000 BARTLOWE, SCOTTAssociate Broker11-15-201311-30-2021
SA029383000 BOOTH, BARRYSalesperson PC6-12-200911-30-2020
SA659847000 BROWN, JACOBSalesperson10-1-20199-30-2021
SA510356000 BUNDY, LUCASSalesperson7-30-20014-30-2022
SA551321000 BUNDY, SARAHSalesperson11-3-201711-30-2021
SA022565000 BUSSELBERG, JAMESSalesperson PC6-1-19955-31-2021
SA683413000 CERVETTO, LINDASalesperson2-11-20192-28-2021
SA690220000 CLAY TEMPLE, ELOISASalesperson5-4-20205-31-2022
SA682546000 COARTNEY, KRISTINASalesperson4-9-201912-31-2020
SA679957000 COARTNEY, BROCKSalesperson8-24-20188-31-2022
BR646588000 CVETANOVICH, STEVENAssociate Broker3-27-20183-31-2022
SA689709000 DAINES, COLETTESalesperson6-12-20205-31-2022
SA676281000 DEAN, TAMARASalesperson2-5-20182-28-2022
SA666328000 DIVIS, LEANNSalesperson2-15-201912-31-2020
SA573696000 DREVYANKO, WILLIAMSalesperson5-15-20206-30-2022
BR545631000 DYE, SUZANNEAssociate Broker PLC11-28-201711-30-2021
SA530819000 ENRIQUEZ, CARLOSSalesperson PLC8-14-201812-31-2021
SA688954000 ENRIQUEZ-PIMENTEL, JOSESalesperson1-25-20201-31-2022
SA689904000 ESPARZA, JULIANSalesperson3-9-20203-31-2022
SA684670000 ESTRADA, BLAZESalesperson8-5-20195-31-2021
BR012851000 FOWLER, STEVENDesignated Broker8-12-19966-30-2022
BR534149000 FOWLER, JAMESAssociate Broker9-30-20118-31-2021
SA678274000 GARCIA, JORGESalesperson5-2-20185-31-2022
SA665861000 GARNER, BRANDONSalesperson3-15-20173-31-2021
SA043990000 GOLDSBERRY, SANDYSalesperson5-6-20151-31-2022
SA639563000 GOOD, LAURASalesperson4-4-20173-31-2021
BR105719000 GUDMUNDSEN, DAVIDAssociate Broker1-6-20146-30-2021
SA550923000 HOOGENDOORN, MICHELLESalesperson1-10-20156-30-2022
SA665221000 JOBE, SUMMERSalesperson10-11-20168-31-2020
SA682301000 KARNES, NATHANSalesperson12-18-201812-31-2020
SA674275000 KING, JOHNSalesperson PLC9-23-20199-30-2021
SA545555000 KING, SUSANSalesperson9-29-200810-31-2021
SA671164000 LETTEER, WENDYSalesperson5-4-20173-31-2021
SA690975000 MARTIN, RYANSalesperson7-7-20207-31-2022
SA664972000 MARTINEZ ESPINOZA, DAVIDSalesperson7-5-20186-30-2022
SA688024000 MCLAWS, TERRANCESalesperson12-6-201911-30-2021
SA668273000 MILLER, KELLYSalesperson11-2-201810-31-2020
SA526254000 MOENING, LINDASalesperson6-12-20093-31-2021
SA527137000 MOENING, EDWARDSalesperson6-12-20095-31-2021
SA670872000 NIELSON, VANNSalesperson4-6-20174-30-2021
SA556523000 PARDO, GERMANSalesperson2-28-201711-30-2020
SA655771000 RICKLI, JULIESalesperson PLC7-5-201611-30-2020
SA671102000 RIVERA, LYNNESalesperson4-14-20174-30-2021
SA657330000 ROMO, MELISSASalesperson2-11-20203-31-2021
SA662518000 RUBIO RAMOS, DANIELASalesperson PLC8-9-20182-28-2022
BR005982000 TOLMAN, RODNEYAssociate Broker12-1-199611-30-2020
SA528694000 TOWNE, ROBERTSalesperson9-6-20198-31-2021
SA690261000 WALKO, DANIELLESalesperson6-22-20206-30-2022
BR536059000 WALSH, DAVIDAssociate Broker10-19-20176-30-2022
SA535997000 WICKS, MARLASalesperson1-13-20209-30-2020
SA537509000 WICKS, JERRYSalesperson1-13-202011-30-2020
BR644988000 WILLIAMS, ANDREWAssociate Broker1-8-20201-31-2022
SA665623000 WILLIAMS, FLAVIA CRISTINASalesperson9-6-20188-31-2022
SA658905000 WONG, SOYUNSalesperson8-12-201611-30-2021
SA031068000 WRIGHT, LAWRENCESalesperson10-27-20176-30-2021


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
CO101870000 Active6360 E BROWN RD., STE 103MESA85205 


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