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License Number: CO002091000
License Status: Active
License Type: Real Estate Corporation
Original License Date: 7/6/1990
Expiration Date: 2/28/2023
Business Address: 725 WEST ELLIOTT RD #111
Mailing Address: 725 WEST ELLIOTT RD #111
Phone: (480) 892-5300
Designated Broker: TOON, MARK
Branch Manager: None

Online System Registration

This company is registered with the Department's Real Estate Licensing web site for processing online transactions. Licensees employed at this company can renew their license online. A licensee not employed at this company can make a request to be hired by the broker.


License NumberNameEmployment TypeHire DateExpire Date
SA663396000 ALLMAN, DONNASalesperson2-5-20214-30-2022
SA586397000 ANDERSON, SARAHSalesperson PLC7-26-20198-31-2023
SA536186000 BAKER, GORDONSalesperson7-2-20099-30-2022
SA516074000 BOLTZ, KENNETHSalesperson4-12-19994-30-2023
BR031118000 BRASSEL, DEBBIEAssociate Broker4-11-20175-31-2022
SA103565000 CARTER, CATHLEENSalesperson7-11-20191-31-2022
SA671228000 CLUFF, ERICSalesperson5-2-20214-30-2023
SA660577000 DAVIS, CHRISTOPHERSalesperson4-15-202111-30-2023
SA522262000 DIAL, PAMELASalesperson PLC12-26-20195-31-2022
SA654242000 EHLEN, TIMOTHYSalesperson8-2-20198-31-2022
SA546565000 EHLEN, STACIASalesperson PLC8-2-201912-31-2021
SA661421000 FLEETWOOD, DAVIDSalesperson PLC2-3-201712-31-2021
SA509562000 FOERSTER, HEATHERSalesperson1-11-20133-31-2022
SA649242000 GOODING, MICHAELSalesperson9-6-20138-31-2023
SA636074000 GREENAWALT, DENASalesperson PLC7-29-20194-30-2022
BR540940000 HEGRENESS, JONAssociate Broker2-19-20213-31-2022
SA510289000 HERRERA, KARENSalesperson1-14-19994-30-2022
SA044656000 HURD, DENISESalesperson PC1-23-20145-31-2022
SA558499000 KALLHOFF, REBECCASalesperson3-31-20204-30-2023
SA108919000 KLOOCK, TRACYSalesperson5-19-20063-31-2023
BR561806000 LAWRENCE, JANICEAssociate Broker5-9-20165-31-2022
SA696674000 MAGUIRE, ADRIANASalesperson8-6-20215-31-2023
SA527399000 MARTIN, CHERYLSalesperson5-25-20015-31-2023
SA697525000 MAXSON, AUSTINSalesperson9-20-20219-30-2023
SA663822000 MAXWELL, JENNIFERSalesperson7-29-20195-31-2022
SA699482000 MAYNARD, DEESalesperson11-30-202111-30-2023
SA689451000 MCGEE, YVONNESalesperson10-14-20202-28-2022
SA546683000 MCLEAN, DEBRASalesperson6-27-201612-31-2021
SA649456000 MCSWEENEY, MICHAELSalesperson1-31-20141-31-2022
SA114678000 MEIJOME, BARBARASalesperson10-6-20145-31-2022
BR104803000 NAWROCKI, JAMESAssociate Broker PLC12-31-201812-31-2022
SA661386000 NICKLES, DEENASalesperson PLC5-17-202111-30-2023
SA691609000 O’NEAL, KATHYSalesperson8-4-20208-31-2022
SA512721000 PAVEZA, SUSANSalesperson9-24-201210-31-2022
BR519347000 PECK, MICHAELAssociate Broker11-14-201710-31-2023
BR525044000 PIAS, DENISEAssociate Broker4-2-20124-30-2022
BR116985000 POORE, COREYAssociate Broker11-25-201411-30-2022
SA646186000 RAFFERTY, CRAIGSalesperson9-23-20141-31-2023
SA672970000 ROSENFELD, DAVIDSalesperson7-10-20177-31-2023
SA697021000 SILVA, OSCARSalesperson6-24-20216-30-2023
SA536787000 SILVER, MICHAELSalesperson2-1-200710-31-2022
SA674902000 SMITH, SAMANTHASalesperson11-6-201711-30-2023
SA648033000 STRAND, JOSEPHSalesperson1-8-20186-30-2023
SA580765000 STRAND, CARLASalesperson1-8-201812-31-2021
SA550610000 TAYLOR, LISASalesperson7-30-20216-30-2022
SA652476000 TEAHON, KELLYSalesperson3-31-20206-30-2022
BR649299000 THOMPSON, CYNTHIAAssociate Broker6-29-20219-30-2023
BR005653000 TOON, MARKDesignated Broker12-29-20102-28-2023
SA647837000 TOON, ANDREASalesperson7-23-20135-31-2023
BR043116000 WEBLEY, JOAssociate Broker PC11-6-200911-30-2023
SA658539000 WHITE, MELANIESalesperson PLC7-15-20216-30-2023
SA628386000 WILLIAMS, NICOLESalesperson PLC3-3-20188-31-2022


License NumberStatusAddressCityZipBranch Manager
CO002091000 Active725 WEST ELLIOTT RD #111GILBERT85233 


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