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Course Name: HOAs & Rental Property
Course Type: Recurring
Developer: AZ SCHOOL
Original Date: 6/20/2016
Expiration Date: 6/30/2024


Fair Housing Issues3Fair Housing

Course Schedule

Courses listed are for the 30 day period 12/7/2021 to 1/6/2022. Click Search, Scheduled Courses for more options.


School NoNameExpire Date


Instructor NoNameExpire Date
I02-0464BAWDEN, LAMONT9-30-2022
I15-0029BRUSH, ROBERT2-28-2023
2341COONEY, PHILIP12-31-2021
I16-0067FARRIS, GARY5-31-2024
1386GRAY, WILLIAM12-31-2023
2945HELFMAN, RANDY11-30-2022
I18-0127HUSTON, JOEL10-31-2022
I09-0130MINER, NICHOLAS7-31-2025
I04-0017MURPHY, THOMAS2-29-2024
I05-0124OLSEN, MARLENE5-31-2025
I21-0022ROTH, KATHERINE9-30-2025
I15-0051SCHEETZ, RUSSELL3-31-2023
I19-0025THOMPSON, STEPHEN2-28-2023
I18-0122WENNER, JOHN10-31-2022
I09-0244WILLIS, JONATHAN12-31-2021
I11-0060WOLF, GUY6-30-2023

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