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Arizona Department of Real Estate Public Database


General Information

The information contained in the Public Database represents data in the Department of Real Estate's database system at the instant you conduct a search. The data is exactly what our Customer Service Representatives will see if you telephone to to make an inquiry. When licensees renew a license, request changes in license status (active or inactive), leave the employ of one broker and become employed by another broker, make other changes in license information or become newly licensed, the new information is not displayed until processed by the Department. Three to five days may pass before the database reflects the new information, especially if the application is sent by U.S. Mail. If you have a question about any of the data presented in the Directory or are unable to find the information you seek, please contact our Licensing Division at 602.771.7700.

Searching Records

It's best to enter a partial name than what you think the exact name may be. For instance, rather than entering last name "Jones" and first name "Mike," enter "Jones." You may then see all the Jones', and select the one you think you are looking for. Mr. Jones is licensed as Michael, not Mike, so Jones and Mike would return no data. You may also search by partial fields. For instance, entering "Jo" as the last name would produce all last names beginning with "Jo". Entering "Jones" as the last name and "Mi" as the first name would produce all licensees whose last name is "Jones" and whose first name begins with "Mi" (Michael, for instance).

For searching Company records, some franchise names and brokerages are abbreviated in our database. For instance, Century 21 offices begin with C21- (note the hyphen). Re/Max offices begin with RMA-. Examples are C21-ALONG THE RIVER PROPERTIES, and RMA-ACHIEVERS. Before searching for an company, consult our franchise abbreviation table (below). If you cannot find a specific franchisee, enter just the abbreviation for the franchise. All franchisees will appear, and you may select an office from the list. If you have attempted a search using an abbreviation from the chart below and you did not find the company for which you were searching, try again using the full name. For example, if CWB did not produce the desired entity, try searching Coldwell Banker. Please review the list of abbreviations:

Description Abbreviation
Better Homes & Gardens BHG
Century 21 C21
Coldwell Banker CWB
ERA Real Estate ERA
Help-U-Sell of HUS
International Real Estate Network IRN
Keller Williams Realty KWR
National Real Estate Services NRES
The Prudential Real Estate PRA
Realty 100 R100
Realty World RW
Red Carpet RC
Unique Real Estate URE
VR Business Brokers VRB
Arizona Real Link Corporation ARL

Downloadable Lists

The lists are provided as comma-delimited text files with the first line containing the column names. This format makes it easy to import the files into a database management program such as Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro or even Microsoft Excel. They have also been compressed into Zip files to reduce download times so they will first need to be decompressed using a free utility that can manage the Zip format .

Please note: The Department does not provide any help importing these files and creating reports and statistics and are provided as is.

How to import a decompressed download into Microsoft Access

  1. Launch Access and create a new database
  2. Go to "File"
  3. Go to "Get External Data"
  4. "Look in", using the arrow, and select the database download
  5. Under "Files of type," using the arrow click on "Text Files"
  6. Highlight the file name then click on "Import"
  7. You should now be in the "Text Import Wizard"
  8. Choose the "Comma" delimited format, and click "Next"
  9. Storing Data -- in a new table
  10. Name your fields, then click "Next"
  11. Let Access add a primary key, and click "Next"
  12. Click Finish