Individual License

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Individual License Details
License Number
License Status
License Type
Real Estate Salesperson
Original Date
Expiration Date
Current Employer Details

None, license status is Inactive.

Employment History
License Number Company Employment Type Hire Date Sever Date
View LC650831000 EQUITY ARIZONA REAL ESTATE Salesperson 1/31/2019 7/12/2023
View CO631828006 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 5/31/2017 11/6/2017
View CO631828006 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 5/19/2015 12/9/2015
View CO631828010 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 5/14/2015 5/19/2015
View CO631828006 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 2/12/2015 5/14/2015
View CO631828004 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 6/15/2009 11/2/2011
View CO631828000 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES Salesperson 5/28/2009 6/15/2009
View CO531760019 LIBERTY PROPERTIES & ASSOCIATES, INC. Salesperson 2/23/2009 5/27/2009
View LC580743001 RE/MAX REALTY PROS Salesperson 10/17/2008 2/23/2009
View LC580743000 RE/MAX REALTY PROS Salesperson 6/24/2008 9/30/2008
View CO547001000 RAXI REALTY Salesperson 12/20/2007 6/24/2008
View CO547001002 RAXI REALTY Salesperson 2/28/2007 12/20/2007
View CO547001000 RAXI REALTY Salesperson 10/17/2006 2/28/2007
Continuing Education

The courses listed are for the last two renewal periods.

Course Name Date Started Date Completed
View RESPA ESSENTIALS 7/21/2022 7/21/2022
View Real Estate Contracts Legal & Ethical Considerations 8/29/2022 8/29/2022
View REVERSE MORTGAGES 8/29/2022 8/29/2022
View Professional Conduct 8/30/2022 8/30/2022
View AGENCY-KEEPING IT CLEAR 8/30/2022 8/30/2022
View WHAT'S FAIR IS FAIR 8/30/2022 8/30/2022
View LANDLORD TENANT ACT 8/31/2022 8/31/2022
View IT'S ALL ABOUT DISCLOSURE 9/28/2022 9/28/2022

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Disciplinary Actions
File Number Order Type Order Date
View 07F-LI-020 Consent Order 9/28/2006