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Course Details
Course Name
BINSR In The Real World
Course Description
Review of the AAR BINSR as it relates to the Purchase contract, the terms and conditions and some of the common problems created by agents.
Course Type
Continuing Education
Course Level
Original Date
Expiration Date
Category Hours Subject
Contract Law 3 Contract Law
Course Schedule

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Event No School No School Name Class Start Class End
View 184805 S06-0002 DESERT SAGE SEMINARS 6/25/2024 10:00:00 AM 6/25/2024 1:00:00 PM
School No Name Expire Date
View S06-0002 DESERT SAGE SEMINARS 2/28/2026
Instructor No Name Expire Date
View 1121 KICHEN, JONATHAN 1/31/2027
View I02-0150 CYGA, KAREN 6/30/2026
View I06-0102 DEMICHELE, MARK 11/30/2024
View I11-0079 WHITE, BRIAN 7/31/2027
View I16-0029 KAY, KAREN 2/28/2028
View I16-0078 LASWICK, KATHLEEN 6/30/2028
View I16-0124 WASHKOWIAK, DUANE 11/30/2024
View I18-0018 LEIBER, BUTCH 2/28/2026
View I18-0076 MOORE, JAMES 6/30/2026
View I19-0044 GOLDAMMER, JULIE 4/30/2027
View I21-0013 SHARP, NANCY 7/2/2025
View I21-0015 COOPER, LOIS 8/31/2025
View I23-0060 MADSEN, ERIKA 8/31/2027
View I99-0098 NOBLE, THOMAS 10/31/2025